AnimeNext fun Times!

Oi! Did AnimeNext. Got some nice spiffy videos and a blasting logn time, but when thinking about it, I can't really mention anything I did, but man did I take a long time doing it!

Dressed up as the 11th doctor, walked around getting photos taken and giving out hugs!

Friday: Found Moi Amelia Pond and she showed me around. Saw the panels real quick, searched for other Doctors, got me a Sonic, and had a mini Doctor Who Gathering! Met with Fourth, Fifth Doctor, some 11's and tenth's, and a few others. Ended the day playing Are you the Werewolf. Apparently, people don't trust you when you say "Trust me, I'm the Doctor."
Saturday: Got in at about 1PM, Left 4AM. I'll be damned if I remember anythign I did besides the Doctor Photoshoot and hugging moi Amelia's.
Sunday: Same thing! Didn't go to any panel, but got in at noon, and didn't leave till 10pm! The Con ended mind you, at 4pm.

I'll get the videos up another day. Laziness is very Laziful.