New Design vs Old

Finished overhauling the site during the night. What you cant see is that there's also now a top tab, where you can see "Home" and "Written Reviews" which weren't present earlier. I wanted to try giving a more equal side by side comparison though so I had to scroll down a bit. Hopefully everyone will agree the new layout is way more eye catching! To balance out the far more browser intense layout, I dropped the previous post history down to the 2 most recent posts, rather than the extensive 7.

Be sure to check out my all new Written Reviews section, where you can now find the vast majority of my work! Categorized in Anime, Movies, Video Games, Doctor Who, and eventually Manga!

Per request, next Monday I'll be releasing my initial Review on Attack On Titan. Subject to change once the full season is complete, of course. The Monday following will feature my review on Puella Magi Madoka Magica, followed by the Pokemon Adventures review the week after.