Internal Photos of Retrobit's Retro Entertainment System AKA Retron 1 or RES

Thought I'd provide internal photos taken of my retro-bit entertainment system. It's supposedly identical to hyperkin's retron 1 but I haven't seen any comparison and couldn't find internal photos for retrobit so I thought I'd upload some of my own. Some photos are taken with the screws besides where it goes, since there are a couple different ones.

Here by the AV and power stations.

Power and reset switches. Controller ports seemed glued down so modifying that may be difficult to impossible.

Here we get to the underside of the beast. Took a few more screws to get out. The wire for the power kept it held in and didn't want to risk damaging the power button. 

AV output in back.

Controller ports here. Doesnt seem possible to rotate them so items requiring both controller ports side by side would work, at least not without some risky modification.

Power button and reset button laying by where it goes.