Aquired Taste? Fish Fingers and custard.

A meal most notably eaten by the Raggedy Doctor (11th Doctor) when he first meets Amelia as a child in Eleventh Hour. Such a awkward sounding meal, isn't it? Beats beans, bad bad beans. Beans are evil.

What does this have to do with AnimeNext (if you hadn't known, I been writing purely on things brought up or happened during AnimeNext, a trend that'll continue until Otakon come July 29th) you might ask. Well, during the Dcotor who meet, someone just happened to have brought along, you guessed it (or not), Fish fingers and Custard!

And it tasted surprisingly decent!

Do I recommend this? Eh, don't go out of your way, but if you happen to have custard and fish fingers lying around, give it a try, you'd be surprised! Or you might gag.