Zelda with a side of Faeries

Ah the original Link from the games that started the monster of the series. The legend of Zelda was my very first Zelda game back in the day, and a game I loved very much in my youth. unfortunately, I didn't get to play Adventures of Link until many years passed, but I've since returned to the game and oh crap is it hard.

Needless to say, I'm quite upset I couldn't pocket these flying creatures in a bottle back in the day. Din, Naryu, and Faroe. Depending on the order, where which goes seems to change, so no need to nitpick that power courage and wisdom aren't supposed to align in such a way.

I find it quite funny though how games such as Minish cap and Oracles casually have the three goddesses human forms in the game with their respective names.

Also holy crap did Link get a growth sprout between the first two games.