Ghostbusters 2 that I loved. (No Spoilers)

Top Ten Movies Everyone Hated
10. Ghostbusters 2
That I loved.

I thought I'd start a list of 10 movies I loved, that everyone else seems to have hated, including movies that is either universally agreed to be bad, movies that barely broke even, and movies that was made at a huge loss. Alas, Ghostbusters 2 is a movie of the former, while it was a financial success, it's always compared poorly, or outright panned when discussing the original Ghostbusters movie, but why is this?

Ghostbusters 2 starts out with Dana, the heroine-ish character from the last movie making a return, this time, with a baby! Things quickly go downhill as her baby runs away with its carriage, before stopping right in the middle of New York City traffic, barely missing a head on collision with a bus. Of course, we all immediately know something supernatural is afoot, and queue the intro song.

As the movie goes on we learn more about the new mysterious painting that has turned up in Dana's workplace, as the Ghostbusters investigates the events, and Venkman, played by the ever so wonderful Bill Murray, pines over Dana. We also discover after rescuing the world from a ghostly invasion at the end of the last movie, that the Ghostbusters were labeled as a fraud, and pretty much sued by everyone possible, no longer allowed to practice ghost busting. Only in America. Gotta love it.

This doesn't last long, as the ghostbusters discover the cause of Dana's baby carriage suddenly bolting into the middle of traffic on its own. Deep underground where the carriage had suddenly stopped is a massive tunnel is a tunnel, flowing with a lake of slime.

As the movie goes one, we learn more and more of the connection between the river of slime and Vego, the painting brought into Dana's place of work, as ghosts make their return, bringing the need and return of the Ghostbusters.

Characters: 10/10
It's a show of quality when a movie can show you who a character is, and even have an antagonist a likable character. Meanwhile the big bad is well developed, with a history brought up as the Ghostbusters search for info on the mysterious new painting in the museum Dana works at. Every character in the movie was a joy to watch, and quite memorable, even characters that only appeared for less than a minute.

Plot: 7/10
While there are a few plot holes here and there, nothing major enough to effect the overall enjoyment of the movie or distract the viewer. The movie does well to show the audience the situations, rather than tell the occurrence. Granted the movies plot wasn't as "epic" as Ghostbusters 1, I found it just as enjoyable.

Fun Factor: 9/10
Unlike movies made now days, little effort is made to have the movie with blood pumping action. Alas, the movie had tons of witty moments of humor, joyful characters that you just enjoy seeing going on with their lives, and great moments of actions when it comes. Also, it's rare to see the Statue of Libery being moved around New York City on a Nintendo controller.

Directing & Casting: 9/10
Perfect Cast, great camera works, though a few very noticeable production errors, the effects were all seamless and simply amazing.

Overall: 9/10
This movie overall is a classic and must watch in my opinion. It's rare that I'll see a movie and feel that anyone could enjoy it. What keeps it from being a perfect score is the single layer of plot, that provides little fodder for one to hypothesis or discuss at later points and time.

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