Bad dream

Nothing new but this one struck to me because of how I died in this one. Just woke up from it. Basically I was cornered. People were coming from my escape tunnel to kill me, I had a single bullet left, and no windows, a completely cornered room. I kept plotting how to handle it. Figured If I hid in a corner as they came rushing out, I'd get a single shot off on one, and might be able to wrestle another down. While plotting this though I messed up and the one from the front got in. I wasted my one bullet on him and I guess it missed since despite having near point blank shot of him, he paid no notice. He only had one bullet left but he wanted to be the one to kill me, so he gave me a offer. He can kill me, or I can wait for the others to run up and just shoot me. I reluctantly agreed under a condition. I get to feel my hand along a table with stuffed animals before I died. I wanted the feeling of my fingers brushing through something soft as I lost feeling. So he took a shot point blank in my head, and the last thing I felt was the fading feeling of softness.