Chaos;Head was Terrible. (No Spoilers!)

By: Lostsakana

Release: 2008
Category: Super Powers, Psychological

It's difficult to put your finger on exactly what's wrong with Chaos;head. But having watched it the whole way through, it's impossible to deny that the series is deeply and powerfully bad. Character motivations are conflicting and almost constantly they contradict themselves. I watched the dubbed version of Chaos;head but I have a feeling that not even the worst English-language director could be responsible for this many problems with the dialog and script-- I suspect that they didn't have much to work with; not much to make worse.

The main character, voiced by Todd Haberkorn, a talented voice actor in his own right, can’t save this terrible protagonist. As I stated before, the motivations aren't clear, and even Haberkorn can't carry the radical shifts in tone and script that the dialog seems to demand. Chaos;head is embarrassingly bad. It's almost as if the team of creators took a white board full of ideas and crammed them all together into one 12 episode piece of crap. There are too many things going on at once. I've heard it argued that the team didn't have enough episodes to work with so the plot was rushed, but I don't buy this excuse. The first 3-4 episodes were nearly unbearable to watch. They were jumbled, disorganized, and PAINFULLY slow...

I've seen few anime which promised excitement, drama, and horror and instead include almost exclusively bad "twists" with plot holes and failed directing. Few times I have been THIS bored and uninterested in an anime series even after several episodes in.

No, Chaos;head COULD have been pulled off. It really could have, but the directors, writers and animators all seemed to be working on a patchwork of failed ambitions. Even by the finale I was still just praying to be done with the show, but I kept watching: perhaps exclusively out of loyalty to the Steins;Gate team-- but not even a willingness to enjoy the series could survive after the first episode. This series is BAD. I am HIGHLY tempted to compile a list of all the flaws, but I'm too horrified by the prospect of having to skim through this terrible anime once more.

Overall Rating: 3 / 10
It’s just frustratingly bad, maybe because we know it had potential for so much more... It’s like if you were served bellow average food at an extremely fancy restaurant: it’s not HORRID but it’s bellow average and SO, SO, SOOOOO much lower quality than our expectations that its pathetic.

I don’t know. I really do think that it was a 3 at best.

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