PS1 Price Guide January 2016

Note: Values taken in 3/16/2015. Prices assume used and via online vendors in working condition. Prices within $5 should be considered fair price for products under $100, and fair price within $10 for over $100. All titles assumed to have case and booklet, and are US copies unless "j" is listed after the name. This list will be continuously updated. Strike out indicates I've since acquired it. Bold indicates it's on high priority.
Game Fair Price Notes
Castlevania Chronicles $75 AKA
Castlevania: Curse of Darkness $Cost AKA
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night $Cost AKA Castlevania SOTN
Chrono Cross $Cost AKA
Clock Tower $95-$100
Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within $Cost AKA Clock Tower 2
Final Fantasy Origins $10 New Contains FF1 & FF2 Remastered
Final Fantasy Chronicles $18 New Contains FF4, Chrono Trigger
Final Fantasy Anthology $15 New Contains FF5, FF6
Final Fantasy VII $Cost AKA FF7, Final Fantasy 7
Final Fantasy VIII $15 AKA FF8, Final Fantasy 8
Final Fantasy IX $11 AKA FF9, Final Fantasy 9
Final Fantasy Tactics $10 AKA
Mega Man 8 $19 AKA
Mega Man Legends $54 Cheaper considerably without case/booklet
Mega Man Legends 2 $85 AKA
Mega Man X4 $Cost AKA
Mega Man X5 $Cost AKA
Metal Gear Solid $Cost AKA
Resident Evil $35 AKA RE1
Resident Evil: Directors Cut $10 AKA RE1
Resident Evil 2 $22 AKA RE2
Resident Evil 2: Dual Shock Edition $Cost AKA
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis $24 AKA
Resident Evil: Survivor $33 AKA
Silent Hill $Cost AKA
Xenogears $Cost AKA
Title $Cost AKA